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Francine was born in a small mining town in northern Minnesota called Aurora to her parents Frank and Sophie Yerich. She won all the declamation contests she entered in high school and also starred in all the class plays. Her drama coach wrote in her yearbook, "To Francine, I know someday you will be a success in Hollywood because you have the talent." Well, Hollywood was still a long way away for 17-year-old Francine. But then, an opportunity came up in a beauty contest which was part of the Miss America Pageant. Francine entered locally, became "Miss Eveleth", and Runner-up in Miss Minnesota. her first modeling jobs started locally after that.

Moving to Minneapolis, she got a job modeling sweaters for Jane Richards Sportswear and began traveling all over the U.S., ending up in San Francisco. Taking a modeling course at the "House of Charm" School and Agency, started her off on a fabulous modeling career for all the department store ads (Macy's, Magnins, ect.) . But a new opportunity arose...the Miss San Francisco Pageant, which she entered and was Runner-up, only to take over the title because the winner got ill. The Maid of California Beauty Contest followed, which she was also Runner-up. By this time, Hollywood beckoned. She got a job as a showgirl at "Bimbo's" which was frowned upon by the modeling agency, but turned out to be the right choice for Francine as she met the lead singer star of the show, Mary Meade French, and she brought Francine to Hollywood and to her first agent.

A series of commercials followed: Chrysler, Betty Crocker, Valley Federal Bank, Chevrolet, and many more. She soon stared in her first feature called "Secret File Hollywood" which was premiered in her home town of Aurora for all the town to see. To this day, she says this was the biggest thrill of her life seeing the whole town, the press, her parents, grandparents, and all her friends, plus the high school band turned out at the airport to greet her. This was just the beginning though, as soon she was discovered by Jerry Lewis and six films followed, starting with "It's Only Money"," The Nutty Professor", "Family Jewels". "The Patsy", "Disorderly Orderly", and her last with him in 1982 where she plays a noble woman with a French accent from the 15th century called "Cracking Up". She also went on to star with Marlon Brando and David Niven in "Bedtime Story" for Universal Studios.

During this period, she also appeared in many Max Factor Cosmetic ads showing here and in Europe. Her makeup artist was Hal King who was Lucille Ball's makeup man all during the "Lucy" series. Francine's vast interest in nutrition put her on the covers of such national magazines as Let's Live, Fitness Plus, and others. Her appearances on fashion pages of the STAR, and National Enquirer have been numerous, and Mr. Blackwell's A-1 Dress List. She is also a gourmet cook and has hosted dinners for sometimes as many as 80-100 with such stars as Clint Eastwood, Peter Ustinov, Glenn Ford, Rex Harrison, and her many more. Her recipes have also appeared in both Hollywood movie magazines and health magazines.

Some of Francine's other credits are "Curse of the Swamp Creature" (now a cult film), "Tickle Me" with Elvis Presley, "Cannon for Corboda" (shot in Spain with George Peppard), George Stevens' "The Greatest Story Ever Told," "Sergeant Was A Lady for Universal, etc. She starred with Bob Hope and Eva Marie Saint in "School for Bachelors". As Venus De Milo on "Bewitched"; as the agricultural student all the men fell in love with on "Green Acres" Soon Irwin Allen, famous disaster film producer, discovered her talents and soon starred her in "Lost in Space" as the infamous Queen Niolani, "Land of the Giants" as Dr. North, "The Flood" as Robert Culp's girlfriend, "Time Traveler", a pilot for ABC which she played a scientist, "Luxury Liner" opposite Robert Stack, "Batman Soon Came Up" opposite Roddy McDowell (as Lydia Limpit) his girl . That got her a story in Saturday Evening Post and later she was known as one of the Bat Girls. "The Streets of San Francisco", "Columbo", "Kojak", "Wild Wild West", "Police Story", "Mission Impossible", "Riptide", and "Perry Mason" all followed.

Some of her other television shows were "Ohara U.S. Treasury" opposite David Janssen and "Police Story". On "Days of Our Lives" she played the notorious blackmailer Lorraine Temple, and on "General Hospital" Thelma, and infamous madam from Florida. She also starred in "Mama's Family", "Brothers", "Mr. Belvedere". "Matlock" opposite Andy Griffith, and she recently Guest Starred in "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Lois & Clark" (the new Superman) and "Marilyn Is Alive" Starring as Marilyn Monroe.

Excerpts from the upcoming book to be released by McFarland & Co. in May 2001
To order this book type the title "Fantasy Femmes" in Barnes and Noble search in right side column.

Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema: 
Interviews with 20 Actresses from Beach, Biker, Elvis, & Alienated Youth Movies
by Tom Lisanti

Beach movies, biker flicks, Elvis Presley musicals, and alienated youth films were just some of the genres aimed at young audiences during the swinging sixties. And though science fiction, fantasy, and horror films weren't exclusive to the decade, where else could you see talking marauding gorillas, giant rampaging teenagers, suave secret agents, and bikini-clad robots? 
Francine York (along with Pamela Tiffin, Diane McBain, Lana Wood, Linda Harrison, Celeste Yarnall, and Deanna Lund) are just some of the talented actresses interviewed for this book. On celluloid they could be found twisting on the shores of  Malibu, careening down the highway on a chopper, being serenaded by Elvis, and/or taking on the establishment. As cult fantasy figures, they contributed greatly to that period of filmmaking aimed at the teenage audience who frequented the drive-ins of America during the 1960's. 

After her appearance on Land of the Giants in 1970, Francine York told an interviewer, "I can't escape playing the big parts. Why can't I play the girl next door? It seems I'm always blowing up the world or something." Standing 5-foot-8 and measuring 38-23-35, it is no wonder the beautiful statuesque dark-haired Francine York was usually cast in the Amazonian roles. Francine made her film debut in the cult low-budget Secret File: Hollywood. She then progressed from featured roles in the early sixties opposite Jerry Lewis, Marlon Brando, and Elvis Presley to starring roles in such cult drive-in movies as Curse of the Swamp Creatures, Space Monster, and The Doll Squad. Always a pro, York had the ability to command and dominate the screen with her poise and confidence. And in a business that can be cruel, especially to older actresses, the self-
determined Francine continues to act today.

A few comments from Francine York: On her first movie Secret File: Hollywood
"We shot this in 1960 and it was my first chance to play a character on the big screen. I had never been in front of a camera really. And nobody knew! They had no idea because I hit my marks and knew my lines. When you look at this picture I look like a seasoned actress! I guess I was good right from the beginning." 

On Jerry Lewis whom she went on to work with six times:
"Jerry could be a little bit of a maniac sometimes. When he had someone like Frank Tashlin directing him, he'd fool around a 
lot. But when he was directing himself using Paramount's money he'd be more careful and serious. Watching him direct 
himself in The Nutty Professor was really something! When he called, 'Action!' he'd go from being Jerry the serious director 
to Jerry the actor playing the suave Buddy Love or the nerdy Prof. Kelp. It was amazing to watch." 

On working with Marlon Brando in the comedy Bedtime Story (1964) "Marlon Brando was adorable. But he was so dreadfully insecure and needed the producer there all of the time�sort of like Linus with his blanket. He had never done comedy before." 

Always a pro, Francine had the ability
to command and dominate the screen with her poise and confidence. And in a
business that can be cruel, especially to older actresses, the self-
determined Francine continues to act today.

To order this book type the title "Fantasy Femmes" in Barnes and Noble  or Amazon search in right side column.

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From Minnesota to HOLLYWOOD

"Marilyn Alive and Behind Bars"
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Francine on "The King of Queens"
in "Animal Attraction" 


Exclusive Interview with Francine

Filmfax Magazine latest edition on news stands now has
has a full article on "Francine York, Out of This World".
with lots of photos. Edition 81-82.

Francine in the movie "Family Man" 
with Nicolas Cage. Universal Studios.
Now available on DVD

Francine with Bob Dylan filming new 
"Love, Theft and Poker" Promo.

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The Roaring Twenties "The Big Town Blues" (1961)
Bringing up Buddy "Education of Nicky Marlo"(1961)
Shirley Temple Theatre "The Little Mermaid" (1961)
Surfside 6 "Portrait of Nicole"(1963)
77 Sunset Strip "Falling Stars" (1963)
I'm Dickens...He's Fenster "Get Off My Back" (1963)
Dick Powell Theatre "Luxury Liner" (1963)
The Untouchables "The Butcher's Boy" (1963)
The Gallant Men "Tommy" (1963)
Burke's Law "Who Killed Jason Shaw" (1964)
Burke's Law "Who Killed April" (1964)
The Greatest Show On Earth "A Place to Belong" (1964)
My Favorite Martian "Uncle Martin's Wisdom Tooth"
Slattery's People "Question:What Became of the White
.Tortilla (1964)
Hazel "Mind Your Own Business" (1964)
Burke's Law "Who Killed Supersleuth" (1964)
Burke's Law "Who Killed Rosie Sunset" (1965)
Burke's Law "Who Killed the Rabbit's Husband" (1965)
Perry Mason "The Case of the Wrongful Writ" (1965)
Cap'n Ahab (unsold pilot) (1965)
Slattery's People (series regular as Wendy Wendkowski (1965)
The Smothers Brothers Show "Pay the Man the $27.95" (1965)
Death Valley Days "A Picture of a Lady" (1965)
Perry Mason "The Case of the Sausalito Sunrise" (1966)
The Double Life of Hentry Phyfle (1966)
Batman "The Bookworm Turns" (1966)
Batman "While Gotham City Burns" (1966)
Gomer Pyle, USMC "Mary Me, Marry Me" (1966)
Lost in Space "The Colonists" (1967)
Ironside "Memory of an Ice Cream Stick" (1967)
It Takes a Thief "It Takes One To Know One" (1968)
It Takes a Thief "One Illegal Angel" (1968)
It Takes a Thief "Totally by Design" (1968)
The Outsider "For Members Only" (1968)
The Name of the Game "Collector's Edition" (1968)
Green Acres "The Agricultural Student" (1968)
The Wild Wild West "The Night of the Pelican" (1968)
Ironside "Not With a Whimper, But a Bang" (1969)
Pioneer Spirit (unsold pilot) (1969)
I Dream of Jeannie "Jeannie and the Bachelor Party" (1969)
Love, American Style "Love and the Wild Party" (1969)
Courtship of Eddie's Father "Who Pulled the Blues Right Out of the
. Horn?" (1969)
To Rome with Love "Spring Vacation" (1970)
Land of the Giants "Doomsday" (1970)
Family Affair "The Boys Against the Girls" (1970)
The Tim Conway Show (1970)
Mannix "What Happened to Sunday" (1971)
Adam-12 "Log 88:Reason to Run" (1971)
Bewitched "Bewitched, Bothered and Baidoni" (1971)
Love, American Style "Love and the Lovely Evening" (1971)
The Odd Couple "The Use Horseradish, Don't They" (1971)
The Chicago Teddy Bears (1971)
O'Hara, U.S. Treasury "Operation Lady Luck" (1972)
Adam-12 "Sub-Station" (1972)
Emergency "Crash" (1972)
Mission Impossible "Break" (1972)
Love, American Style "Love and the Super Lover" (1972)
Hec Ramsey "The Mystery of the Yellow Rose" (1973)
Dirty Sally "The Old Soldier" (1974)
Police Story "Dangerous Games (1974)
Kojak "Slay Ride" (1974)
The Streets of San Francisco "Bird of Prey" (1974)
Petrocelli "Game of Reason" (1975)
Columbo "The Forgotten Lady" (1975)
The Barbary Coast "The Armor Clad Plan" (1975)
Petrocelli "Falling Star" (1976)
The Streets of San Francisco "The Underground" (1976)
Bert D'Angelo/Superstar "Murder in Velvet" (1976)
The Quest "Prairie Woman" (1976)
The Streets of San Francisco "The Monkey is Back" (1977)
Future Cop "Girl on the Ledge" (1977)
Days of Our Lives (series regulars Lorraine Temple) (1978)
General Hospital (recurring role as Madame Thelma) (1979-1981)
Jason of Star Command "Web of the Star Witch" (1979)
Jason of Star Command "Little Girl Lost" (1979)
Jason of Star Command "Mimi's Secret" (1979)
Masquerade "The French Connection" (1984)
Berrenger's "Overdrive" (1984)
Riptide "Harmony and Grits" (1985)
Matlock "The Dame" (1993)
Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman "I'm Seeing .Through You" (1993)
Beverly Hills, 90210 "And Did It...My Way" (1993)
Even Stevens (2000) "Ballroom Dancing" Disney Channel

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